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It is an acoustic fabric, it is not so that the noise is completely isolated, but its function is to dampen and improve the acoustic quality inside the interior spaces, Acoustiplex dampens the sound waves, reducing the reverberation of the sound.

It is made of synthetic material perforated with an internal fabric, allowing to pass through a part of the sound energy and thus facilitating a better speech readability and a greater sound comfort; You can combine this material with some system of isolation or acoustic absorption.

It is difficult to stain with materials such as Lemon Juice, Catsup, Mayonnaise, Crayon, Pencil, Coffee, Tea, Vinegar, Ethanol, Wine, Milk, Detergent, Bleach, etc.

Composition: 100% polyester fabric, laminated on both sides with PVC film, Stain Resistant and Fire Retardant.

Uses:Horns, walls, panels, among others.

Note* The colors shown may vary a bit, due to the resolution of your screen, or if you require it we specialize in tone matching, check with your selling agent.
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100% Polyester, Laminada pro ambos lados con PVC.


Roll length 55 m. 60 yd.
Roll width 1.37 m. 54 in.
Roll Weight 23.5 kg. 51.8 lb.

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Coating walls





Tear Resistant

Resistant to Light

High Flexibility

Weather resistant


Excellent when gluing and sewing



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Are there minimum or maximum quantity restrictions when placing an order?

All of our products have no restrictions except for our CHAROPLEX line (oilcloth); which requires a minimum order of 50 rolls. All other lines can be ordered and shipped starting at 1 roll.

Do you make products with special specifications?

Yes! We are happy to work with you in the development of a customized and/or characteristic specific product line. We require detailed information or a sample of the material in question in order to analyze our capabilities and pricing. In these specific cases, order minimums might apply.

How to I get set up as a customer in order to place an order?

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